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Question from Blog reader: Chris, I am having a voice problem and need your input.  I’ve been using your training CD’s for a few years now and they have helped me a lot.  But, here’s my problem: When I first start a song I feel short of breath.  My voice feels unstable.  After a few…

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I'm A Singer and They Say I'm "Pitchy." What Can I Do?

When someone says you’re pitchy, you need to listen. Being flat, sharp, north or south of the note etc., is worth looking at.  Being pitchy means you are not centering your pitch on the pitch center, which is one of the non-negotiables in singing. Everyone has occasional inaccuracies, and even major recording artists often let…

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Help! I'm Leading By Example And I'm Not a Very Good One

A choir director recently called me and said, “Help! I’m Leading By Example & I’m Not a Good One!” We all do it. Lead by example, that is. It’s just the way things work. Our children learn how to speak by imitating those who raise them. That can be good, or that can be bad….