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Sing your best with the ultimate vocal lesson app.

Vocal Coach Singer is the only singing app you’ll ever need to not only learn to sing your best, but also maintain your singing voice for years to come.

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Perfect for soloists & groups, beginners or professionals.

Vocal Coach offers over $2,000 worth of personal coaching time in easy-to-use singing lessons. You’ll hear AND feel the difference in a matter of days!


FREE! Try Vocal Coach Breathe

Singing lessons, daily exercises, & vocal warm-ups in easy-to-navigate collections.

First available on cassette tapes, then CDs, and now finally available for your iOS device, so you can take Vocal Coach Singer with you wherever you go. 

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Short of Breath? Trouble reaching high notes?

Vocal Coach Breathe is the beginning of your solution! In this FREE Vocal Coach Singer app collection, discover proper principles of breathing & breath management, increase overall vocal stamina, and gain more consistent control of your voice.

Exercise your voice Daily & sing your best

Vocal Coach Workout offers daily exercises, from soprano to bass, that will help you build strength and stamina throughout your range. Warm-up, workout, and cool down your voice daily to keep yourself performance ready.

The complete singing system For soloists & groups

Vocal Coach Skills teaches and builds upon vocal and performance fundamentals essential to an accomplished singing voice. Plus, get access to both Vocal Coach Breathe and the Vocal Coach Workout collections.

Sing in or lead a choir, band, trio or worship team?

Achieving vocal blend with a group is more than just having a good singing voice. Learn to merge your sound and style, harmonize, and sing as one with Vocal Coach Harmony. Plus, receive access to all other Vocal Coach collections as well!

Vocal Coach products are also available in CDs.

From breathing to performance, learn to sing with proper vocal technique.

Offering the most complete instructional singing system available, singers learn techniques for their entire singing dynamic. Discover for yourself, why Vocal Coach products continue to be a trusted daily companion for vocalists of any age and level.

increase Vocal Stamina

Increase Vocal Stamina & control

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Warm-up & Cool Down Your Voice

Develop & Expand Your Range

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daily exercises for High & low voices

Blend Your Sound As A Group

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Sound Checks & Performance Techniques

Our trusted Vocal Coach method

with over 2 million products sold world-wide, Vocal Coach has been helping professional singers for decades

Vocal Coach Chris Beatty

What we call "the voice" is really a physical, mechanical and acoustical instrument all contained in your body. As you fully grasp the basics of how the voice works and then apply them, you’re on your way to becoming a better singer. Proper preparation prevents poor performance. You don’t need magic or tricks, you just need these solid, proven principles."

The Vocal Coach family of products have been used by millions of singers world-wide to reach their personal singing goals. This trusted and time-honored Vocal Coach method was developed by well-known vocal coaches Chris and Carole Beatty. After traveling the world teaching singers in every circumstance and maturity level, they developed the complete Vocal Coach learning system to make vocal training more accessible to everyone—no matter where they live or how busy their schedule. Vocal Coach products are crrently available on CDs and DVD, and now also available as an easy-to-use app for your iOS device so you can take Vocal Coach Singer with you wherever you go.

For over four decades, the Beatty’s vocal training has been foundational and instrumental in developing and preserving the voices of singers and speakers, alike. From hobbyist and award-winning professional touring artists; choir members and soloists; classical singers and pop singers; old and young, we hear regularly how much Vocal Coach has helped them and how much they rely on it for every practice, warm up, and performance preparation.

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FREE! Vocal Coach Breathe

Learn the proper principles of breathing and breath management with best-selling Vocal Coach Breathe collection, in the Vocal Coach Singer app. Establish a daily voice-building routine, increase overall stamina, and gain more consistent control.