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Save your voice, Teachers!


August, September and October can be vocally challenging times for teachers. As your vocal use increases so do some very common challenges like vocal fatigue and even laryngitis. Most of these problems can be completely eliminated by starting to warm-up and workout your voice NOW. Even if you’re not a singer I suggest you begin your day with your vocal check list:

  1. Lift your hands over your head to find your best, upright, balanced posture. Maintain that posture throughout the day with shoulders relaxed, a slightly long back of the neck and shorter front of the neck to keep from “goose necking.”
  2. Do several breathing exercises to remind the respiratory muscles just what they need to be doing.  If convenient, get on the floor on your hands and knees with a straight back.  Then breathe in using a sipping sound and out using a hiss.  Sip sip sip sip hiss hiss hiss hiss etc. Vary the number and speed of sips and hisses to keep it challenging.
  3. Now standing, re-check your posture with hands lifted. Slowly lower the arms while doing the sip/hiss exercises.
  4. Do some simple humming, focusing on the buzzing, vibrating sensations in the face, head and neck.  As you are able to maintain posture, low breathing and buzzing resonance in your “speaker cabinet” your voice will project better with less work leaving you vocally healthy after even a busy week of teaching.

Remember, Vocal Coach has number of proven and fun training CD’s to help you be your best.  Check out this week’s specials.  Doing Vocal Coach exercises in the car on the way to school or work is a great way to prepare for the day. Have questions about your teaching situation? Let me know at