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Physical Exercise for Your Voice – Ask the Vocal Coach

I received this question from Ndumiso. I don’t hear this question too often, but it is something you should not overlook. Your physical wellness definitely has an impact on your voice. Read on for more.

Your Question

What are physical exercises need to be done for voice training, I mean exercises like push-ups and sit-ups or other kinds of exercises?

My Answer

Thank you for your good question. As a matter of fact, any good, general conditioning exercises are great for your voice, both aerobic and strength training—in sensible moderation, of course. Especially important for singers are core strengthening exercises such as the Superman combined with sit-ups (antagonistic balance) to help with posture.

Balance exercises such as standing on one foot or up on toes are also helpful for posture/balance. The only things I have seen become problematic are excessive weight training with the accompanying, excessive sub glottal pressure in the throat. I have also seen “six pack abs” that are so tight they can’t release for normal breathing. For most of us, however, that’s not likely to be a risk and we’re lucky just to stay generally, physically fit.

Keeping physically fit is vital to every aspect of life, and singing is no different. I encourage you, if you are spending time improving your voice, don’t overlook good general fitness. Feeling good and standing strait are as important to a good tone as anything!

Natural Hard Work

A Good Voice Doesn't Happen Naturally

Singing is one of the most natural things in the world. But, developing a strong, adept voice takes work! —good training, focus, and regular practice.

Despite what many singers believe—the voice doesn’t just happen. The sound of your voice is the result of many things, most of which you have a lot of control over. The bottom line is this: Unless you have a serious physical malady, you are in charge of your voice.

hard work photoPhoto by JD Hancock

Some Things You Can’t Change

Physical Structure:

It’s true that you are born with certain physical structures that determine some acoustical aspects of your sound. But for 99% of us we can significantly improve that sound with training. It’s also true that your natural musical ability may be strong… or weak. It’s the same with art, drawing, math or sports. It’s what makes people unique.

Cultural and Family Influences

For better or for worse, you were effected by the cultural environment and family where you were raised. That can effect your starting point, but any area of weakness can become an area of strength with the right training and coaching, and it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg.

The Good News: the Biggest Influence on Your Voice Is… You.

After considering the above areas, the success of your voice still comes down to you. Your voice is your responsibility. It doesn’t just happen. You are in charge!

In fact, once you recognize what areas aren’t working well (breathing, tone, diction, expression, pitch accuracy etc.) you can charge in with very specific training. It’s no different than the person who wants to play a sport, be an accountant, be a good salesman or anything else. Some people do it naturally while others have to work very hard at it. But, that’s life and the journey is worthwhile.

Let Singing Be Fun, Not An Obsession

Singing shouldn’t be an all-or-nothing experience. You don’t have to be a professional (make a living at it) for it to be worthwhile. In fact, singing is a mentally and physically healthy expression that babies and children take to naturally because… it is natural. What’s more, singing is fun. It let’s you express something deep inside while exercising many areas of your body, mind and spirit. Many of the most fulfilled singers I know have a job to pay the bills, and sing simply because they love to sing. Those who are nervously trying to turn every note into income are often so frustrated by the process they give up the joy of singing altogether, which is very sad.

Do your best at what you love—That is the point!

At Vocal Coach we never tell you you’ll be the best singer in the world, with the highest range, biggest audience and have the ability to win every contest. We do offer you a way to take your voice from where it is, to the next step of excellence. Our singers sing almost every style imaginable, and our speakers, teachers and actors use their voices to share critical information, year after year. They do it well and enjoy the process. That’s our goal for you, too.

Vocal Coach's Pick: Complete Warm-Up

Coach's Pick: Complete Warm-Up

Vocal Coach's Pick: Complete Warm-Up

Hi Singers … and Speakers! Hope your summer is starting off well. Everywhere I look, I see people stretching and warming up before they run, walk, play golf, baseball and every other sport. It’s always easy to spot those who are just “doing something” before they get active and those who understand the principles and movements that will allow them to be their best and without injury.

As you might guess, knowing what you’re doing and why when you warm up to sing is just as important. It’s not a matter of making some sounds. It’s a matter of understanding how your voice works and what exercises will literally prepare you to sing well. The same principles apply to those who teach and coach and even salespeople who are on the phone all day.

Vocal Coach Complete Warm-Up is not just a collection of exercises. It actually teaches you the principles of a good vocal warm-up so that you can always be properly prepared to use your voice without straining.

I love this feedback we received from Lonnie in Los Angeles, it reflects so well the reason I created Complete Warm-Up:

Your ‘Vocal Athlete’ parallel is so accurate. I am an athlete, but never realized what I was putting my voice through. With no warm-up whatsoever I would put huge demands on my voice… daily. Now, I start every day warming up on the way to work and I’m “vocally aware” throughout the day. I also love cooling down after rehearsals or performances. Now I understand it. I feel like I’m singing smarter and protecting my voice.

Now is a great time to get the Vocal Coach Complete Warm-Up CD or mp3 download. It’s easy to understand and has been helping and protecting those who use their voice for dozens of years. And, it’s 20% off right now.