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Vocal Coach's Pick: Daily Workout Voice

How to Use Vocal Coach Daily Workout


Hi, I have the daily workout on mp3 but I seem to have missed how you recommend us to use it. Do we need to go through all the exercises or do we just pick the ones we like? Or do we hope to build up to the full 70 minutes eventually? Thanks


Practice is about quality time, not the number of exercises you sing

Thanks for your question, Lorenzo. As you probably know, Vocal Coach offers a number of teaching tools to help you build your singing skills. Tools like Complete Breathing, Tone, Warm-Up, Expanding Your Range and Diction teach specific topics with applied exercises. We also have the Daily Workouts and Ultimate Choir Warm-ups which are just exercises with great orchestrated accompaniment.

When using the Daily Workouts here are some thoughts:

  1. It’s all about quality time, not the number of exercises you sing in any particular session.
  2. Always prepare yourself so you are focused. Think through as well as sing the exercises.
  3. Before you sing a note check posture (lifting arms to ceiling) and do a few sip/hiss breathing exercises.
  4. As you sing, evaluate what you are physically feeling. Are you maintaining posture? Is the head staying centered over the shoulders and not sticking out or up for higher notes? Are you opening your mouth making it easy to pronounce the exercises? Can you feel the vibrating resonance in face and head?
  5. You can sing as much or as little as you like, but plan on at least 15 minutes of well sung exercises to even start warming up the voice. If you’re feeling good and doing well, take it as far as you want.
  6. Any time you start to feel vocal fatigue, STOP. Evaluate what’s going on making needed corrections. Then either move on or pause and regroup.
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Freezing High Notes

This week we have another singer having trouble with their high notes, but in a different way. Brad let us know that his warm-ups are going well, but the song performance is having a little trouble. Do you ever have this issue? Read on.


Hi, My voice freezes up and or fades away on higher notes just when I am singing an actual song, yet I do not seem to have this problem when warming up or doing your vocal exercises!! Any tips to help me overcome this problem? Also when breathing should I purposely pull in my stomach on the exhale to sing better?? I am a bit unsure if I should pull in my tum or just keep the sides and back expanded and I do want to keep my breathing support correct. Hope you can help with some good advice.


One thing you can try to help alleviate the ‘freezing up’ or ‘fading away’ of the voice is to actually sing the song while combining your favorite vocal exercise. Example – choose your favorite and possibly easiest exercise – like maybe the Lip Trill – and sing the entire song with the lip trill – use no words. Or if your favorite exercise is on an ‘ah’ – sing the entire song on an ‘ah’ (no real words, just the ah). I think the Lip trill could be a great place to start.

Practice it once with the lip trill and then try it as normal and see if there is a change or relaxation in the voice. You can also combine and sing half of the song (the easiest parts) with the words and then try the highest parts on lip trill. As far as breathing goes – No, do not pull in the stomach. Simply allow the frontal abdominal wall to go slightly out for the inhale and do what it needs to do for the exhale. Remember to keep the chest and shoulders still. Allow the stomach/diaphragm to work, don’t make it do anything. Rather, let the expanding back and sides be your focus.

You can also read this “White Paper” on breathing:

We have an online lesson designed for just this problem. I can walk you through a particular song and help you work out all the technical and performance tweaks. It’s well worth your time! Find it on the Vocal Coach Store