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Introducing Specialized Training Packages

With 40 years experience teaching people of all stripes how to sing their personal best, you can imagine that I might have noticed some commonalities. We are now addressing these common vocal issues by offering tailored training packages at the Vocal Coach Store. And I wanted to explain a little bit about what they are and how they can benefit you.

Now, some of you may have noticed these new lessons on our store already. We launched them along with the new store design and already we are receiving positive feedback about them. But what are these lessons really?

What Is a Specialized Lesson?

As you know, working with Vocal Coach audio can help you achieve amazing results with your voice but a personal lesson can help you get a kickstart or make a leap or conquer a problem area. Well now we have put together several Vocal Training packages designed to address specific needs of anyone who uses their voice. Each package includes 1–3 sessions and while most sessions are 1 hour session lengths are even tailored based on the needs of the issue. And each package will make to most of the unique expertise of our Coaches—Chris Beatty and Mark David Williams. All in a simple to purchase package so that you know you will be getting the results you need.

What Topics Are Covered

Right now, we offer specialized lessons in the following areas. Which one is right for you?

  • Has Your Voice Had A Tune-Up Lately?
  • The Foundations Of Singing
  • Preparing A Song For Performance Or Audition
  • Mastering Stage Fright
  • Worship Leading – The Technique And Process
  • Singing With Others
  • Moving From Just Singing To Owning A Song
  • Finding Your Best Sound
  • Make The Most Of Your Speaking Voice
  • Teaching Others To Sing

Naturally, we still offer standard lessons in which we can not only help you sing better, but handle any questions or vocal issues you throw at us. And if you have a specific vocal concern you’d like to see addressed, please let us know.

Not Sure Where to Start?

We also offer a brief and inexpensive Voice Assessment where Mark David Williams will evaluate your voice and prescribe for you a personal training plan that you can work on both at home and with a Vocal Coach. A Voice Assessment can take the mystery out of your training regimen.

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Vocal Coach's Pick: Essentials Set

Coach's Pick: Vocal Coach Essentials Set

Vocal Coach's Pick: Essentials Set

Need to kickstart your vocal training? The Vocal Coach Essentials Package is just for you.

Ever wonder how to actually get started with your vocal training, or in some cases re-start it? The reason for the question is all the singers I hear from who passionately want to sing but can’t quite put their fingers on the first step. To make that easier we’ve put together the Vocal Coach Essentials. I chose 4 training CD’s from our collection that I feel will best get you on the road to better voice control. We also threw in a bonus workout CD called Vocal Coach Styles which takes a well-know song and lets you experiment with it in 8 different musical styles. It’s extremely fun and may open some new options in your singing.

What Elements Of Singing Need To Be There Every Time?

That’s the question I tried to answer with Essentials Set. Here is what you will learn:

  1. Breath control is where it starts. If there’s no breath there’s no sound. And if there’s too much breath it can strain and wear out the voice not to mention make you run out of breath early.
  2. Tone is the sound of your voice, and no matter what your style there are right (efficient) and wrong (inefficient) ways to get that sound. You will learn how to get more sound with less work.
  3. If you’re the only one who knows what your song is about because of lazy diction you’re not going to get the message across. Our Complete Diction CD is famous for it’s thorough and practical approach. Just as with breathing, with diction you don’t want too much, or too little, and finding “just right” is easy once you know what to look for, and actually easier on your voice.
  4. Having great breathing, tone and diction is good, but if you look bored or scared or are not fully engaged with your audience you’re missing it. The steps to owning and expressing a song are clearly laid out in the Complete Performance CD. It’s the icing on the cake.

In addition to the above you’ll learn other critical skills like how to have a successful sound check, smart microphone technique, how to choose songs that work for you and much, much more. All things that every singer needs to know.

How To Best Use Vocal Coach Essentials

Because the sound of the voice is based on mechanics and acoustics it’s best to start with Complete Breathing. And, don’t be in a rush to blast through it. Listen to the training sections until you understand the principles, then do the fun, and often funny exercises anytime you can. In the car, taking a walk… any time you can. The more focused time you spend with these exercises the faster it becomes part of who you are. You will want to come back to this CD and will use the exercises for years to come.

Once the breathing is becoming more natural spend some time with the Complete Tone CD. Here, just as with the breathing, take time to live with a little and let the exercises help you discover your best and freest sound. It’s exciting, and will impact your speaking as well as singing.

I’m Here to Help

If you have any questions along the way, visit my Blog where you can browse various vocal topics that I’ve addressed, and if you don’t find the answer to your question, just type it into the form in the sidebar. I love to hear from all my students and will gladly help you along your way.

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Vocal Coach's Pick: Complete Warm-Up

Coach's Pick: Complete Warm-Up

Vocal Coach's Pick: Complete Warm-Up

Hi Singers … and Speakers! Hope your summer is starting off well. Everywhere I look, I see people stretching and warming up before they run, walk, play golf, baseball and every other sport. It’s always easy to spot those who are just “doing something” before they get active and those who understand the principles and movements that will allow them to be their best and without injury.

As you might guess, knowing what you’re doing and why when you warm up to sing is just as important. It’s not a matter of making some sounds. It’s a matter of understanding how your voice works and what exercises will literally prepare you to sing well. The same principles apply to those who teach and coach and even salespeople who are on the phone all day.

Vocal Coach Complete Warm-Up is not just a collection of exercises. It actually teaches you the principles of a good vocal warm-up so that you can always be properly prepared to use your voice without straining.

I love this feedback we received from Lonnie in Los Angeles, it reflects so well the reason I created Complete Warm-Up:

Your ‘Vocal Athlete’ parallel is so accurate. I am an athlete, but never realized what I was putting my voice through. With no warm-up whatsoever I would put huge demands on my voice… daily. Now, I start every day warming up on the way to work and I’m “vocally aware” throughout the day. I also love cooling down after rehearsals or performances. Now I understand it. I feel like I’m singing smarter and protecting my voice.

Now is a great time to get the Vocal Coach Complete Warm-Up CD or mp3 download. It’s easy to understand and has been helping and protecting those who use their voice for dozens of years. And, it’s 20% off right now.

Vocal Coach's Product Pick - Teaching Kids to Sing DVD/CD Set

Help Your Kids Be The Best Singers They Can Be

Vocal Coach's Product Pick - Teaching Kids to Sing DVD/CD Set

Kids Are Natural-Born Singers

Important truth: Kids are natural-born singers. They just are. From the time they start cooing and babbling they are falling more and more in love with the amazing sounds they can make. Equally fun are the physical sensations they feel while making these sounds.

We recently had some friends over along with their two-month-old. This little guy could go from meek gentle cooing sounds, to a happy laugh and then transition into a full blown cry in a matter of minutes. Just as suddenly he could drift off into whereever it is babies go. The key is that in addition to helping them communicate, making sounds is fun and interesting for babies, young and older children. It’s just part of life. And, since these young ones will be voice-dependent for a lifetime, why not give them the knowledge and skills to use the voice the way it was designed to be used?

Much of today’s music can be voice-threatening To Young Singers.

Initially, we all learn to speak and sing by imitation. The more clearly the parents speak the more clearly the children will speak. It’s easy to spot parent-child speech patterns, good and bad. Imitation is also the way children first learn to sing. If they hear mostly loud, aggressive music that is what they will imitate, often at the expense of their physical voice. It can also carry into an unnecessarily rough and compromised speaking sound. All this can be avoided with some good training and information when you are young.

The Vocal Coach Approach for Young Singers

We respect all singers and are especially sensitive to young voices. In the Teaching Kids To Sing DVD/CD Set we introduce one subject at a time. After a topic is clearly explained and demonstrated by Chris & Carole Beatty and the Vocal Coach Kids, it moves into a series of very interactive and practical songs and exercises. These fun, often funny but very carefully structured exercises let the kids explore, then learn the right way to master that aspect of singing (and speaking). After working through the material several times, right habits will start to show. Muscle memory along with understanding will then open the doors to more fun and efficient singing.

What is included and what do we cover?

Our Teaching Kids To Sing DVD/CD Set includes 2 DVD’s and 1 CD. Chris & Carole Beatty and a team of great young singers present principles and exercises that make learning fun, clear and accessible. We at Vocal Coach know that only when you combine inspiration and proper preparation do you change lives and develop useful mental and muscle memory.

  1. Building Foundations That Last DVD
    • Posture and being physically upright is explored as the singers learn that they are Vocal Athletes.
    • Breathing is learned as natural and efficient (as any baby knows well).
    • Tone is the sound of the voice. Learning to discover, release and allow natural sound is fun.
    • Warming up the voice can become as natural as warming up for any sport, dance or other physical activities.
  2. Essential Skills for Growing Voices DVD
    • Rhythm is fun when it’s accurate. In singing this is better done with good foundations and understanding.
    • Diction can effect not only the clarity of the message but also pitch, dynamics and vocal health.
    • Dynamics, or the loudness/softness of singing is all-important when communicating a song.
  3. Accompaniment Track CD
    • 26 Tracks including all exercises and songs.
    • You have the option of having the Vocal Coach Kids sing with you or just using the accompaniment track version.
    • The convenience of a CD makes for easy use in the car or on mp3 players.

Note that we have have audio versions of Building Foundations and Essential Skills available as well. Great for training without a TV.

We’ve worked hard to make our training materials the best and most user-friendly available. Thousands of singers of all ages around the world have found Vocal Coach Training to be just what they need to keep on growing. We hope you will join us on your journey.