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Chris is the vocal coach's Vocal Coach with over 40 years experience, and the developer of the multi-million selling Vocal Coach line of training products.

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How to Hit a Home Run in Your Next Concert

There’s a reason why baseball players try to “Hit it out of the park.” When they do, nobody can stop them from scoring at least one run; sometimes four.

The Athlete’s Preparation

What are the preparation and skills that allows a home run?

  1. Physical strength. Strength to swing the bat hard enough, and at an angle so that the ball is propelled beyond the field.
  2. Hand-eye coordination. The brain interprets what the eye sees. It then relays the necessary timing, position and speed of the swing.
  3. Years of disciplined conditioning and good coaching. This is what allows it to be done “naturally” and without injury.

A Singer’s Home Run

A home run for a singer is when the listener has completely gotten your message. Their mind and emotions have interacted with your song, not just heard it. And, even though you may not hit a home run every time, you should do everything in your power to be ready.

A home run for a singer is when the listener has completely gotten your message

Oh, and once you have experienced the power of a well sung song you will never be the same. Ask any baseball, tennis or racquetball player what it’s like when they find the “sweet spot.” Or, a surfer what if felt like when they rode the perfect wave. They all get a big smile on their faces, then try to put into words what others may never understand. It’s the same for singers. When things are perfect it’s almost magic.

A Singer’s Preparation

Whether singer or athlete it’s all about preparation. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Not proper dreaming, or hoping but actual preparation. That takes time, effort, planning, sacrifice and, most of all, action. Here are some actions you can take:

  1. Sing every chance you get. Move from desire and dreams to action.
  2. Work the weak spots. If you know you have an area of need like pitch, breathing or expression get help from someone who knows, not just a well-meaning friend.
  3. If you don’t have a clue about singing, admit it. Then, work with a tool like the Vocal Coach Singer set to systematically build your instrument. Learning it the right way from the start will save you years of frustration later on.

Yes, You Can Afford It

Many singers are quick to say they can’t afford a teacher, coach or training materials. Yet, they belong to a gym, eat out, go to movies, pay for cable and do lots of other things that cost money. It’s a matter of priorities and sacrifice.


  • If you want to hit consistent home runs in your singing do the preparation.
  • Surround yourself with those who know more than you and do it better.
  • Invest in materials that are interactive, easy to work with and will take you to the next step.

The site is loaded with blogs that can help you at many levels. The CD’s and mp3 are powerful, proven tools for any singer. And when you’re ready for personal training our one-on-one Skype and FaceTime sessions are perfect.

I hope this inspires you at many levels to become the best singer you can be.

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What if I have a Bad Voice?

This week, we have a question from Justin, who is not sure about the quality of his voice but wants to sing. Do you worry that your voice may not be good enough to be a singer? Read More to see how I answer this common concern.

Your Question

How can you learn to sing when you think you have a “bad” or “non-singing” voice? I feel like I have that voice, and when I try to sing, it sounds bad to say the least. Do you have any advice?


You don’t have to be the worlds greatest singer to enjoy singing. But, it can be frustrating to feel like your voice won’t do what you want it to do.

I don’t know what your vocal potential is, but I do know how to find out. I would suggest we do a 15 minute Vocal Assessment Online using Skype or FaceTime. That way I can test your pitch accuracy and see if you have a good ear. I can also comment on your basic sound.

You don’t have to be the worlds greatest singer to enjoy singing

There are some people who simply don’t have a good ear-brain-larynx connection. 95% of the time however, if someone has trouble with pitch or tone, it’s just because they never developed the necessary skills. I’ll be completely honest in giving you my feedback. And assuming you are with the majority, I will prescribe for you a menu of lessons, products and exercises to get set you on the right path to singing your personal best.

I think everyone with a voice (that’s all of us) should experience the joy of singing. That becomes a lot more fun when you’re doing your best. So, if you would like to find out where you stand and how to get to the next level, schedule a Voice Assessment today.

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Vocal Coach for High School Homeschooler

I recently received this question from a homeschool family about using Vocal Coach as their high school music curriculum. Vocal Coach Products are in fact used in schools and many homeschoolers of all ages use our products for their musical teaching. If you are involved in teaching student music, read on to find out more about how Vocal Coach can work for you.

Your Question

We are a homeschool family needing a program that will help fulfill a high school credit in performing arts. We are highly considering your program. Does Vocal Coach Singer teach them to read music as well or is it just focused on the quality of the voice/sound?


Thanks for your questions! Vocal Coach Singer does not address reading music. What it does really well, however, is help students discover their voices. They learn about the mechanics, acoustics and finally how to use their own voices in the most efficient way. It’s very systematic and very, very clear. In short, they learn an instrument that they will always have with them, and singing well is a great foundation for any other musical education.

We also have a free blog and Facebook page where we offer lots of great content answering the most common vocal questions. Plus, we are available for questions should they arise via our Ask the Vocal Coach question form on the blog.

Something else you might consider is purchasing one or two Online Personal Training sessions during the year. This can be done for an individual or shared with several of your students. The personal Online interaction would be just one more opportunity to maximize the learning process.

Lastly, in case you haven’t visited our homeschool page, there is some great info there as well. You can find it here.

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Staying Vocally in Shape on the Road

This week we have a question about staying vocally in shape while touring and singing every night. That’s certainly tough, but a well condition vocal athlete is equipped to handle it.

Your Question

Mark, I know you are a touring artist as well as teacher and I’ve seen your group Tenore on YouTube and Facebook. What are some of the things you do to maintain your voice? And what kind of warming up do you do before a concert?


Great questions. It’s all about really owning the foundations like posture, breathing, and knowing your natural sound.

On the road it is so important to get the rest needed for the body and the voice. It’s also vital to stay hydrated both on and off the stage. I always warm up with the lip trill and scales usually on an Ah vowel. I make sure I warm up past the highest note I have to sing in concert.

It’s so important to walk out on stage with confidence in what you are about to do and know that you can do it. An athlete would never enter a game without having stretched and physically ‘warmed up’ the body. So it is with the voice. Treat it well and it will treat you well.

I personally use my Vocal Coach CDs to help on the road as well as at home. I always recommend starting with Vocal Coach Complete Breathing, Tone and Warm-Up. It’s a good idea to check in with your vocal teacher on a regular basis as well. If you’re interested, we have personal Online sessions with me available using Skype or FaceTime. That lets me give you feedback and direction to keep you on track. You can buy any of these at our online store.

Hope to see some of you Online soon!